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Tom has reviewed for The Sunday TimesThe Irish Examiner and and is the author of All The Bishops’ Men (published by The Collins Press in 2012) and two collections, With This or Upon This (2007) and Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams (2014).


He has also contributed to the anthology, Red Lamp, Black Piano (2013), Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review and to many Wexford Festival Opera programmes (2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019). He edited the anthology Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams (2013).


Tom also specialises in researching and writing monographs for artists – Paddy Lennon, Caroline Ward – and has written many introductions to artists for exhibition catalogues, including Sonja Landweer, William Shawcross and Conor Walton.

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