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Tom Mooney is the creative director of Táin Public Relations. Tom’s background is in journalism (editor of The Echo Group for twenty years) and the promotion of the arts. Tom programmed the Wexford Arts Festival in 2020; In 2021 he curated Wexford Festival-The Early Years, at Wexford County Library; he is the coordinator of Poetry Ireland's Poetry Town in 2021 and programmer of Jazz at Johnstown in 2021; he curated Wexford Festival, 70 Years a Growing at the National Opera House in 2021, is programmer of Wex-Art visual arts festival, 2021 and will manage the Wexford Festival Fringe, 2021. Tom is the literature judge at Write by the Sea festival, 2021. He has reviewed books for both The Irish Examiner and The Sunday Times and is a member of the Community and Stakeholder Committee of Wexford Festival Opera. Tom is Communications Director for Four Rivers Theatre Company and Music for Wexford in 2022.

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